“Let Your Mind Run” Review

Let Your Mind Run is written by Deena Kastor. She won the bronze medal in the Olympic Marathon. This book is relevant to any athlete looking for a change in attitude.

Let Your Mind Run was published on April 10, 2018 by Deena Kastor. This book is written for primarily an athlete-based audience. It talks about how shifting one’s mindset toward training and common tasks can positively affect one’s outcome. She was burnt out of running by the time she was a senior in college. Kastor got the opportunity to train with a coach who had a alternative style of coaching. He put an emphasis on the mental side of running and paired it with the physical training. This was an untapped well for potential. By thinking of difficulties in an alternate perspective, the reader can see how Deena shifted negatives into positives. This is what Deena did with her mindset toward running which helped her be competitive on the global running circuit and 2004 Olympic games in Greece.

I personally found this book helpful. Instead of always being bogged down about how hard something was, I shifted how I thought about it and it became easier. This has been especially present in my training, workouts, long runs, and races have progressively become more enjoyable. The West Lafayette girls’ cross country team has read this book and all say it is worth the read.

This is a well written book, it has natural flow between chapters from being ordered sequentially. It starts with her running as a young child and it ends with her retiring from competitive running. Deena gives the reader lots of raw emotion through the account of her life. This makes the book have a more intimate bond between the author and reader. It gives many allusions to other works of literature, so it can give the reader more suggestions to read. Let Your Mind Run is captivating and perfect for anyone looking for an inspirational read.

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