Letter Weather

As the weather starts to cool down this fall, more students are choosing to wear scarlet and grey leather jackets to block the brisk breeze. To wear the jacket with a “WL” on it is an honor given only to the select to receive the stark white piece of paper with the words “Varsity Letter” on it. Fall sports are starting to come to a close as well and many students are left with the decision of what to do with this piece of paper. A shocking 70% of students who have received a Varsity Letter at West Side got a Letterman Jacket to display their proud achievement. “I got my Letterman jacket my Freshman year. I like it because it keeps me warm and it will be a good memory to look back on in the future,” Lauren Thomas, 12, said.  While a majority of lettering athletes do show off their prowess in the form of a jacket, 28% of lettering athletes choose to opt-out and keep their piece of paper. “I prefer to wear T-shirts and hoodies rather than a bulky jacket and also the style and colors of the jacket don’t really appeal to me,” Colin Johnson, 11, said. Whether in the form of a jacket, sweater, or piece of paper, the students of West Side are not shy about showing off their athletic ability.

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