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Climate change committee isn’t finished yet

Speak Out: A student-led committee is hard at work to make changes that will help our climate. The climate strike organized by this committee was a success on Friday, September 27th, gathering crowds of people from both West Side and elsewhere to join their cause.
“We weren’t actually expecting that many people to come, we were kind of worried,” said Abigail Lee.

“At first it was only 20 people on the track, and then people just kept coming. Huge waves of people came out with all their signs. It was pretty crazy,” said Abigail Lee, a member of the climate change committee, when asked about the success of the climate strike on September 27th. 

“There was a huge crowd. You’d turn the corner and see the people behind you,” said Abigail. 

The committee was pleased to see the number of people interested in the strike they had organized, and only had one major issue they wish to improve upon. 

“It was a parent-excused absence but some teachers, like a Math teacher, made people write essays to be able to leave. A whole page essay. And another teacher made people take the test without notes when everyone else got to use notes,” said Ethan Bledsoe, another member of the committee. 

Despite these teachers’ attempts to keep students in class, many still joined the committee in order to strike on Friday. 

“Last strike we only had estimated 150 right? And this time was 300,” said Ethan. 

But they’re doing more than just organizing strikes. They’re also working to make real change in addition to spreading awareness. 

“We’re also hoping with this city resolution to get to carbon neutrality by 2040. So we’ve been helping a Purdue undergraduate and a committee write that and get it through to the mayor and city council. So on Monday we’re actually helping to propose it to city council where they’re going to debate it and maybe vote it into effect,” said Annabel Prokopy. 

In addition to helping with the writing of a carbon neutrality proposal, they have also spoken to political figures about the importance of fighting climate change. 

“We talked to Mike Braun because he came up with a statement that there’s no use fighting climate change, and then we talked to him and we don’t know if this is partially because of us but he is now super supportive of taking action. So we want to talk to more senators about that, too,” said Annabel. 

The committee wants to remind everyone to keep their eyes open for any new information.

“Because we’re not done. And there will be more,” said Abigail. 

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