Mason the Manager

Many people know about the Best Buddies program, but the students involved in it do more things outside of Best Buddies and school too. Mason is one of the guys that is greatly involved in Best Buddies, and he is a Sophomore here at West Side. Mason loves the game of football, and he decided that he wanted to become a football manager for the 2017 year season.  Everyday at practices Mason helps fills up the waters for the team, and then goes helps out the coaches with whatever they need on the field. When there is not much work to do, he goes and practices throwing the football back and forth with some of the coaches sons. The football team really loves Mason being their manager this year too. As Mykiel Stallings would tell you,” Mason is my dude.” If you go up to any player on the team they would say something similar as well.  They all really appreciate him helping out, and they love him being at the practices and games. On Friday nights, you will see Mason on the sidelines passing out and filling water with the other managers and cheering on the team. During the day, you will see him with his friends at school and at events for Best Buddies. Mason wants to keep managing all through his high school career, and he hopes that this will maybe show others in Best Buddies or anyone that managing a sport can help make new friendships and that it is a lot of fun.

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