Men opressed in dating

The following is a Letter to the Editor written by Charles Hansen ’13.

Why do we still live in a backwards society? When confronted with perceived disparities in maturity, the correct response is not to assume superiority, but to take all surrounding factors into perspective.

In the article “The Boy Problem Grows,” published on January 24th, it was said, “The important thing to remember is to not let these problems make you cynical because… it only gets worse and eventually you’ll become alone and ugly.”

The author then proceeds to ignore said advice, and provides so called “constructive criticism” to men. However, what failed to be realized was that men are held to a different standard than girls when it comes to relationships.

When society allows a woman to write an insulting article and assume that no response will be fielded, we further the oppression that men face.

Several of the actions that men take which our author regarded as “immature” are in fact the ways that men bond with one another. When we are subject to double standards and scathing insults by the opposite gender, it is clear why men “hang out with guys more than 99% of the time.”

Girls need to wake up and realize that every guy who starts a conversation with them isn’t hitting on them. Sure, women may be attractive, but that can only take you so far. A girl assuming that a man is trying to “win a girl over even if she’s made it perfectly clear that she is not interested” if they continue to have conversations with said girl is an unfounded narcissistic view which indicates need for serious overhaul of their personality.

My advice for men is: don’t sacrifice your personality and individuality for women who favor conformity and shallowness. When girls ridicule you for what you perceive as humorous (teasing) and beneficial to the world (correcting grammar), they should not be given weight in your life. When a woman perceives you as being “weird and annoying,” move on from Queen Shallow. If all she wants in a man is a factory-produced muscle-head, you should probably look for someone in touch with reality.

With regards to the accusations of mothers picking out men’s clothes, some men feel the need for reassurance in the way they dress because of the harsh and judgmental atmosphere that women create with their fashion obsession and expectations of perfection from men. Men don’t have the cop-out nor the acceptability of wearing yoga pants. This “pseudo fashion” is kept for high school girls.

Remember: You are surrounded by high school girls. Any advice given by them should probably be disregarded due to the fact that they are just that- high school girls.

Just because you don’t fit into their Ryan Gosling/Taylor Lautner fantasies doesn’t give them the right to claim superiority over you. If men treated women as though they don’t live up to our Emma Watson/Mila Kunis ideals, relationships wouldn’t even begin to work.

My final two pieces of advice for guys: don’t apologize for being a man, and don’t go for judgmental girls. Seriously.


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