Modeling the Model UN Club

How to become a stand-in at the United Nations in one easy step

You might think that the Model UN Club at West Side consists of people sitting in an oval and discussing politics.  That statement is false. The club is chock-full of personality, energy, and evidently, overblown comedy.

Senior Nate Nauman is the student leader of the club.  “There are about 15 students in the Model UN club, with a few seniors in administrative roles, and most of the others are underclassmen, such as freshmen.” Surprisingly, Nate also told me that they always come in with a collaborative attitude, and according to him, “It indicates future progress for the club itself.” It is also worth mentioning that most club members initially came in with apprehensive attitudes about the experience, but left with a greater sense of self-confidence and alleviated fears of public speaking.

Students are always looking for an opportunity to entertain, and according to Club Lead Nate Nauman, the person who is chosen to represent North Korea is always the one who makes everyone laugh. Apparently, they are supposed to act absurd and over the top, which always makes everyone burst out laughing.

Nate is proud to be the leader of the Model UN Club, as he tells me that it’s unique and set apart from other public speaking clubs such as Debate. He especially enjoys the current-events work that the members simulate in the club, and learn and create solutions to those simulations. Nate believes that the solutions that they come up with are the most important part of the club itself.

Nate’s final goals for the Club are to help students explore the constantly-changing world of international relations, and explore the concepts of geopolitics. With goals like these, there’s no question of the club’s future being bright and positive.

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