Mu Alpha Theta Mathletes look to continue their reign

Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society competition around the world. Any student who chooses to participate in this contest will be given a test with six mathematical questions to answer within a thirty minute period.

Once all the sheets are turned in, they are graded and the top six scores are submitted to the national level competition. Mrs. Porterfield explained that “The IML is a state-wide team competition but the national level competitions (AMC, AIME, USAMO) are taken individually.”

Mu Alpha Theta was formed in 1957 at the University of Oklahoma, as of June 2017, more than 110,000 students are members of Mu Alpha Theta at more than 2,400 schools in the United States and in 20 foreign countries.

The purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to recognize students who are excelling in school and encourage them to continue to strive in mathematics. It also organizes a national convention for students and teachers from around the world to participate in math-related events and interact with each other. Finally, it rewards a magnificent extracurricular activity accomplishment by offering primary awards, scholarships, and grants to students and their advisers.

The International Math League has many great mathletes on their team and are one of the top competitors in the state year after year.  Adam Earnst said, “The contest ended up being a bit easier than expected, but that shouldn’t take away from the great results we had. Adam also said that five West Siders got perfect scores, making a perfect score as a school. “We hope to continue this success in competitions later in the year as well,” Adam said.

Preparation is key for doing well academically, but sometimes standardized tests and math contests are harder to study for because you are going in blind. They often do not tell you what material will be on these tests because they want to see what you already know. Some students who are “creatures of habit” when it comes to hitting the books prior to taking a test are not always sure of what to do in these situations. Nathan Hu said, “As obvious as it is, preparation comes from, well, doing math, especially past contests.”

Students are bus taking Mu Alpha Theta math contest. The students took a six question quiz. Adam Earst said, “Five Westsiders got perfect scores, making a perfect score as a school.”
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