Mulan Review

Mulan is a timeless classic. Produced by Disney, it remains an all time princess favorite. “I loved watching this movie growing up,” said Ellie Haq

Mulan was produced by Disney in 1998. It is one of the original princess movies incorporating varying ethnicity and women empowerment. The main character is Fa Mulan, her troop leader is Li Shang, and her sidekicks are Mushu and Cri-kee.

Mulan is a pioneer Disney film representing non-American cultures. The Asian culture is exhibited through the food, religion, town atmosphere, clothing, and traditions.  This takes place in ancient China. It can open young kids to new beliefs and people. This exposes the differences between what the stereotypical Chinese life is to the stereotypical American life is to children.

This film has a strong female main character. Fa Mulan goes undercover as a male in the Chinese Imperial army to take her father’s position. They must provide protection and destroy the savage Hun forces. She must keep her identity undercover, but perform the same tasks as the rest of the troops. She flourishes and exceeds all of the mens’ abilities in combat/training.  She goes on to become the savior of China, in a time where women were not valued.

This is a good film for any age. It has humor and a plot that can be captivating to anyone. The story has a natural flow and continues smoothly to the finish. The ending does not leave the viewer hanging because it has a complete resolution. Its 87 minute duration is not too lengthy either.

Overall, Mulan brought in $304.3 million dollars at box office. Its original budget was $90 million. This goes to show how successful and riveting this film is.

There is now a sequel, Mulan 2, released in 2004. This accounts for Fa Mulan’s life after the war and the new missions her and Li Shang go on together to help China.

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