Natalia Ochoa Strums to Her Own Tune

GUITAR HERO: Natalia Ochoa ’15 recently started making original instrumental songs. She plays both acoustic and electric guitar, along with the viola.

For many, playing the guitar is hard enough.  Playing two guitar parts in sync with each other?  Seemingly impossible.  But Natalia Ochoa’15 proves, again and again, that such a thing is possible.  She posts guitar covers of popular songs (such as “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver) on her Youtube channel, overdubbing herself to play both the melody and the harmony chords of the song.  But such skill didn’t come without hard work.

“She’s […] really dedicated to the things she enjoys,” said her friend, Alexandra Craig ’15.

“I’ve been taking guitar lessons for six and a half years,” said Ochoa. “I was inspired by other people on Youtube, and then my dad got a new recording system.”

After the recording system was purchased, she started posting guitar covers on Youtube. She was especially inspired by another Youtube artist, Ulli Bögrshausen.

“He does exactly what I do, so he’s a big inspiration,” said Ochoa.

Her videos are quite popular on Youtube, and last year a website took notice of her music.  The website, which posts covers of songs from artists all over the world, asked to feature one of her pieces on their website.

Ochoa also has made videos of a different kind, that of stop-motion animation. “One of them was just a remake of a scene from a video game, the second one was just with animals.”

While Ochoa has played a few gigs in restaurants, she’s not thinking of taking her guitar prowess any further.

“My teacher called me and we played a gig on New Year’s,” said Ochoa, recounting one of her experiences. “But I don’t think I’ll do anything more.”


Natalia’s Favorites:

Favorite Band: Bon Iver

Favorite Song: “Send Me On My Way” by Busted Root

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Overley

Biggest Inspiration: Her Dad


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