Nate Breneman acts it out

In the hallways and around the school, Nate Breneman ‘13 seems like your average high school senior. However when on stage, he comes alive, aweing friends and classmates with his theatrical talent.

When asked why he enjoys acting, Breneman ‘13 said, “Not only do you get to be a different person, but it’s like putting it [the story] into real life. It gives you a chance to be someone else.

Breneman started acting very early in his life, due to an encouraging kindergarten teacher. Throughout his time acting, he has been to a musical drama camp, and around ten productions in high school alone. He has been spurred on by his role model, Laura Mecsey, who directed the Civic Theater’s production of Pride and Prejudice. He is also encouraged by actors like Neil Patrick Harris and Carrie Grant.

Outside of theatrical productions at school, Breneman participates in plays at the Civic Theater. Ariel Laukins ’14 has acted in three Civic productions with Breneman, including Pride and Prejudice. “He’s fantastic!” She said. “He always brings a little of himself into the role. It’s amazing to watch.”

Breneman has also created his own YouTube channel, where his talent is exhibited to a much larger audience. “It’s [acting that has] made me a more open person,” he said. “Being up on stage in front of a hundred people makes it much easier to bond with people.”

After high school, Breneman plans to pursue elementary education or pediatrics, something with young kids. He does not want to pursue acting in college, however he said that it will always be a part of who he is.

Nate’s Favorites

Color: mocha        Movie: anything Disney

Broadway Show: The Book of Mormon

Actress: Ellen DeGeneres

Music: any musical soundtrack

Late Night Snack: Taco Bell

Teachers: Mrs. Helton, Mr. Pugh, Mrs. Smyser

What’s his favorite genre to act it? Need two more sources

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