National Honors Society: Every Student’s Solution to Complex Problems

LUNCHTIME LESSON: Sarah Greenwell helps Lydia Leichty in the counseling office during lunch. The two were working on French, and quickly wrapped up, as Leichty had been making great progress. “Tutoring also helps the tutor by reinforcing the concept, which can be used in different classes,” said Sophie Chang.

With midterm reports having already been sent out, some students may have found their grades to have exceeded expectations, while others may have been disappointed. For those in the latter category, the National Honor Society has a solution for you. “The main goal of this chapter of the National Honor Society is, specifically here, tutoring,” said Vice President Victoria Sinfield, 12. “We’re trying to plan it out so that we can help out the rest of the students, whether that be those in Junior High whom we aren’t too familiar with and also those in high school and even people in our grade as well.”

National Honor Society is a club focused on helping students academically. While they do not have events outside of school like Vista or WeSSO do, students are able to book sessions with a tutor for assistance before school, during lunch, or after school. “The overarching goal is to support students in whatever way they need. Usually it’s just that they need help academically, but sometimes it may be through organization or there might be some other lingering thing that’s not academically related that tutoring can help with,” said Sarah Greenwell, President of the club and a senior.

However, the tutors also learn and benefit from the experience, just like their students do. “Teaching someone is a very important skill that we don’t always practice a lot in high school as we are [the ones] being taught. Tutoring also really helps the tutor learn how to teach and imply that knowledge with the tutee,” said Sophie Chang, secretary and also a senior. Tutoring teaches the tutors things that are not always apparent to an outsider. “It was really interesting, not just in the experience of helping someone do it, but also to see how they do it. The way I see it, the way I problem solve, was different than the way she did and we had to work together to kind of meld the two ways of thinking,” said Chang.

The National Honor Society is a club that is available year round for all students. It helps those in many ways, and is a great resource for those that want to use it. “In a school as competitive as ours, tutoring usually has a negative connotation, and I feel that’s something that needs to change. Tutoring is something that should help people who want to learn, not be treated as something for ‘dumb people’,” said Sinfield.

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