New FACS Faculty Excited for a New Year

Ms. Hart cleans dishes from a previous cooking lab, which is an important skill to learn for high school students. Students do their own dishes after every lab. “I really love being able to teach students skills they’re going to use,” said Ms. Hart.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the students here with such a diverse population,” said new FACS teacher, Ms. Hart.

After seven years at Rossville, she decided to return to the West Lafayette area, where she graduated from Purdue. She liked the area so much, she came back to teach here.

“I took all of the FACS classes my senior year of high school, and helped my teacher with the entry level classes,” said Ms. Hart.

FACS is a very important class to take, because it teaches basic skills such as cooking and doing laundry that are crucial for post high school life. Her high school teacher at the time let her intern as an independent study, which is where she began her pursuit in becoming a FACS teacher. She became interested in Purdue’s education program, which is where she graduated from college.

“I really love being able to teach students things they’re going to use after they leave this building,” concluded Ms. Hart.


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