New Internet comes to town

Metronet, the optic fiber cable internet company, is in the process of coming to West Lafayette.

FIRST Robotics and ACSL team member Kameron Lutes’15 said this was important because having the type of infrastructure needed to support the new internet type is becoming increasingly important.

Lutes said that because “without getting too technical, basically the Internet is running out of room for devices, so a higher speed connection will be required to accommodate the growing number.”

“Fiber Internet is one of the biggest advances in communication infrastructure we will see for many years. Having a city-wide fiber network is extremely important for our city to keep up to date with current technologies. A fiber network also gives the user access to more advanced Internet services which will become necessary in the upcoming years,” he said.


When Fiber Optic internet is installed, entirely new infrastructure must be constructed to go along with it. Here’s one of the boxes used to house the cables.

A customer of the company, Lutes rated their service highly.

“So far metronet has provided excellent Internet service. They live up to their claims,” he said.

It was a bonus, Lutes said, that we was paying less than before for a faster service.

Not everyone is sold on the new service, however.  Nikolas Gamarra’15 said that he just didn’t feel like he was getting enough to justify the change.

“I don’t like what I have right now.  I feel like they charge much more than what their quality is worth,” he said “I just haven’t thought much about switching because it would take time and effort to stop Comcast.”

Gamarra said that what he really wanted was a substantially lower price before he switched prices. Speed  is not a very important factor in making up his mind.

“I feel like Comcast overcharges for the speed that they give, but at the same time I’m not upset with the speed that they give,” Gamarra said.

He did say that he thought it would be nice to have more local competition in the internet provider market.

“I feel like it will probably be good eventually because it will be a more competitive environment for the price and hopefully bring it down a little bit,” he said.

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