New Math Teacher Brings Real Life Experience into Classroom

Preparation: Ms. German prepares for her 8th period class. She had to prepare for multiple classes since she teaches multiple courses. “I teach Math 8 and Basic math 7.”

After using math in a real life situation, new teacher Ms. Kylee German looks to help others learn the importance of math. 

Some people have a natural interest in certain things. Others have a certain event occur that piques their interest in a subject. For  German it is both. She had a very unique experience in high school which truly sparked her interest in mathematics. 

“In high school I got lost on the highway and I had a flat tire, and I had to tell the police where I was, so I had to do a math problem because I knew how fast I was going and how long I was driving.”

This experience showed German the importance of math in the real world and now she teaches students about that importance. 

German attended high school in “Delphi, Indiana.” “Math was my favorite subject in school.” she said about her time in high school.

After high school she went to college and attended Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. She said “I have been teaching for 8 years.” when describing her prior experience in education prior to her current job at the high school. 

She said “ I  teach Math 8 and Basic Math 7.” So for many junior high students, they will be able to look forward to enjoying math class with Ms. German this year.

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