Off Campus: Café Royale’s distinct menu of sandwiches, breakfast foods, desserts and assorted beverages excites taste buds.


Distance From School:

0.5 mi.



Although a six dollar sandwich is a little pricey for a high school lunch (especially considering the fact that McDonald’s is right across the street), the quality of food at Café Royale is worth every penny. I have to admit, I had some reservations about going. I had only been once before, and on that occasion I walked straight out the door and across the street to McDonald’s after seeing the prices.

On a Saturday at noon, I was the only customer. I ordered the spinach and feta quiche which came with a fruit cup, a double chocolate muffin, and the seasonal ginger latté. I am something of a quiche connoisseur, and I was skeptical that a tiny campus café would come anywhere close to my expectations. But Café Royale proved me very wrong. In fact, they served the best quiche I have ever had (sorry, Mom).

The muffin, which would have been better categorized as a cupcake, was also delicious. The only thing that wasn’t utterly scrumptious was the ginger spice latté, which wasn’t bad–just weird.

My food came out to be about ten dollars altogether, but it was well worth the price. I would definitely recommend Café Royale. For those who get tired of the mundane cheeseburger and the well-worn sub, Café Royale provides a unique deviation from the McDonald’s/Jimmy John’s routine.

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