Pep Rally Rockin’

The She Devils kill their pep rally performance Friday after school, continue trend at  following football game

TEAM: The She Devils begin their pep rally dance in a circle. The dance this year, especially the beginning, was different, creative, and all over fun to watch. “This is my first year on She Devils so the pep rally was a whole new experience for me. I had so much fun hyping up the crowd and getting them ready for the homecoming events to follow. It took a lot of practice, but I got to work with some amazing teammates to create something that I am very proud of, ” said Julia Engers, 9.

Homecoming, a tradition that has gone on for decades, is an event in which the alumni of West Side are invited back to their beloved high school. For current students, it is a week of fun-filled spirit days, pep rallies, Friday night football, and a homecoming dance on a Saturday night. She Devils, the dance team here at West Side, is a big part of this celebration. The dance team, comprised of 12 girls, freshmen to seniors, performs a new dance every year, choreographed specifically for homecoming, and performs it at the Friday pep rally during the afternoon. The dance team last year also performed their dance routine at the complex before the football game. This year, however, the dance team walked in the parade and danced their pre-game routine before the game on the track, which got the crowd pumped up and excited for the West Side football team.

Each year the She Devils choreograph their pep rally dances with a mix of original dance moves, famous moves, and professional choreography. The seniors, each year, play a big part in the original choreography aspect. This year, a coach from Turning Point Academy, assisted the team in choreographing the dance. The She Devils dedicate normally about a week to straight learning the dance and focusing on mastering the flow. The team also spends up to 100 dollars per person on trendy outfits and shoes.

The pep rally dance also is unique because it is a dance routine to a mashup of popular songs. “We realized that doing regular pom mixes and competition routines don’t really relate to students. Mashups with popular songs that everyone knows really broadens the reached audience and relates more with students,” said Katya Hunt, 12. The mashups also create more hyped up audience reactions. The seniors on the team this year also added a uniquely choreographed beginning, something different the team has never really done before.

Friday night before the game the She Devils performed their traditional pre-game dance alongside the band. The choreography of this dance is the first dancers learn She Devils. It is a tradition that the upperclassman teach incoming members the steps for the first week of practices. “This year the first practice was really fun, the team worked really well together from the get go and everyone is was really happy to be there,” said Cara Penquite, 10. This tradition corresponds to the camaraderie of this dance team. The She Devils are a closely knit team comprised of mainly underclassman. The team consists of 4 freshman, 5 sophomores, 1 junior, and 2 seniors. The team often partakes in team bonding activities such as dodge ball and two truths and a lie for the entirety of practice some days. These activities, combined with the overall time spent together doing hair, makeup, and hours of practices, has created a team that is more like a family and will continue this way for generations to come. “I’m very proud of the girls and how much hard work they put in. Getting closer with everyone while working on pep rally was probably my favorite part and, with all our hard work, the pep rally really came together this year, especially given the short amount of time we had,” said Meredith Noll, 10.


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