Petting For A Purpose

On December 15, 2017, West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High school got a visit from some very loving and furry animals. Therapy dog day, during the lunch periods, has been a tradition at West Side for a couple years now and will continue on into the future. It first started when students were complaining about how stressed out they were as finals were coming up, especially during the last week before that first Monday of finals week. “I hear from my students how stressed they are about finals, and I also hear from a lot of the students how they enjoy pets, dogs and cats. It’s a nice little spot of joy to have here at a time when it’s nice just to kinda do like a little simple thing, just to pet a dog for a moment” said Mrs. Helton.

A lot of the students at West side would agree with this statement and are animal lovers. Psychologists all over the world have studies that show a simple activity, like petting a dog, can physically lower your heart rate, and therefore be relaxing. The dogs themselves are very sweet and so are the owners. Each dog and their owner are volunteers and are happy that they can make other people, like the students here, happy. “My dog likes people and he’s really sweet and so he enjoys interactions like this, he is a good fit for it. We see the enjoyment that people get, it makes people happy, and brings a smile to their day, and that feels good,” said one owner.

Overall there was a big turnout to see the therapy dogs, both from the high school student body and the junior high kids. Everyone was very happy to see this tradition continue this year. “I try to go and see the therapy dogs whenever they have them because for me it does relieve stress and it gets my mind off all the things i have to do,” said Arianna Smith.

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