Putting in the Work; The softball team’s preseason is underway

Although softball season doesn’t start until the spring, the girls on the team are already putting in a lot of work. Preseason workouts and conditioning have been going on since November and will continue until the season begins in the spring.

“The workouts are a great way to get back in shape and prepare us physically and mentally for the coming season. Getting stronger now will pay off later,” said Sarah Bailey, a sophomore on the team who has been attending the preseason workouts.

The workouts begin with a five minute run and then some lifting in the weight room after that. As of right now, preseason has only been conditioning, but that will soon start to change.

“December is always exciting because we get to continue working out but a

Sarah Bailey lifted weights yesterday during the softball conditioning. The team works out every Tuesday and Thursday. “I enjoy the workouts. They are hard, especially at first, but it’s fine to be around the team and see everyone grow,” Sarah Bailey said.

lso start hitting and glove work,” Sarah said.

Preseason is a great time to improve and become better than last season. It is an opportunity for players to grow stronger and learn new things.

“I am a lot stronger now than I was at the beginning of preseason. This is going to help all aspects of my game, everything from hitting to pitching. I am really looking forward to spring when we will see the benefits of our hard work,” said Sarah.

Conditioning and lifting are not only a great way to stay in shape and get stronger, they are a great way for the team to become closer. On a team, the chemistry is just as important as the skill.

“This is one of the first times upperclassmen get to interact with the incoming freshmen and welcome them into our program. Doing a hard workout as a team helps build team chemistry and prepare us for hard games,” Sarah said.


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