Racism prominent at Purdue

In the past year, Purdue University has reported eleven hate crimes and hundreds of other racist incidents. The FBI  ranked the school second in the nation in the amount of hate crimes and racial incidents.

On April 22, a march was hosted by the Purdue Black Cultural Center. The march was not intended to be in response to any one act of racial injustice, but rather towards the overwhelming amount of past incidents on campus. Over 250 people participated in the event.

The march began at the Black Cultural Center (BCC), circled around campus and ended at Hovde Hall, the house of Purdue’s  president, Mitch Daniels.

The event’s leaders presented several demands to the administration. One was to require a workshop during Purdue freshman orientation week about race relations. Another was to increase the amount of faculty in the Office of Diversity.

Melissa Freiser ’13, a Purdue freshman, said, “You barely ever see a completely mixed group and I think maybe that sparks issues.”

Some argue that Purdue actually encourages ethnic separation through clubs and organizations; The Minority Engineering Program, American India Foundation, etc. There are even all black and all Asian fraternities.

Freiser continued, “Going to college was really strange at first for me in that regard because, West Side is kind of an utopia. At Purdue, people subconsciously split into ethnic groups, something you don’t see at West Side”.


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