Reach insta-fame with Instagram

Instagram is a great social media that people can use to share their life through photos. Now, it is used for more than just entertainment, and could be said is an art form all of its own. If you want to gain instant followers, here are a few tips…

1. Don’t overuse filters. Too much filters on a photo just makes the picture look amateur, cheesy, and boring. However, adding just a small hint of filter on to the photo can make all the difference in the world. Instagram itself does not offer many great filter options, but you can download filter apps such as Rookie which have many wonderful options that can instantly spice up any photo.

2. Keep the hashtags to a maximum of 3. Don’t hashtag everything in the picture, that just gets annoying (i.e. #eyes, #greeneyes, #girl, #hair, #cool, #fun, #tree)

3. Create a certain aesthetic/theme to your page. If you like using the white borders, then use that for all of your photos. A mix between the borders and the full sized photos can look cluttered and unorganized. Same thing with filters, if every photo has a different filter then your page won’t look unified. That being said, you want to keep some variety or it can look really boring. It’s important to find the right balance.

4. Selfies are wonderful, but it becomes creepy if your entire page is just en endless scroll of your face.

5.Get creative! Don’t just post a picture of your food every time (although pictures of yummy looking food are always appreciated), find something unique and interesting.

6. Having trouble getting a good selfie or video? Try a selfie stick to perfect the art. If you want to go pro, look into some lenses made just for iphones. Your photos will instantly look as if they were taken by a professional DSLR camera. Lastly, if you spend a lot of time in the water, invest in a waterproof case that will allow you to get cool footage underwater.

7. Don’t post more than 2 pictures a day. If you upload hundreds of pictures in one day, your followers will get tired of only seeing your posts and will most likely unfollow. You don’t want to overwhelm everyone’s feeds.





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