REACHing Out to Kids

REACH works hard to warn children of the negative effects of drugs at Homecoming.

QUICK CHAT: Bowen Jing talks with Brittany Croy before the meeting gets underway. Bowen Jing, a REACH executive, made sure everything was set for the meeting to go smoothly.


QUICK CHECK: As the time for the meeting approaches, more and more students come into Ms. Croy’s room. The members signed in before they joined the others who started plans for the Homecoming Parade. Maesa Ogas talked about the upcoming parade and said “Homecoming with the sunshine squad is my favorite event REACH participates in. It’s so much fun to work with the Cumberland kids who care about what they are doing and want to help.”

CHECKING IT TWICE – REACH members sign in before they walk into the room in order for their attendance to be recorded.


RELAXED YET EFFECTIVE: Sanjay Garimella enjoys a laugh with friends before the meeting begins. REACH created a comfortable meeting environment where members enjoyed spending their time. Soo-Yeon Hyun says “I love working with the Sunshine Squad children because they are so cute and enthusiastic. All of their energy and excitement makes Homecoming so much fun.”


LEADING TO A DRUG FREE FUTURE: As the crowded students begin to quiet down, Bowen Jing and Jenny Yang call role for the last REACH meeting in Ms. Croy’s room before the Homecoming parade. As one of the executives of REACH, Bowen has a fierce passion for warning others of the influence drugs can have on one’s life. After the meeting Bowen explained why he loves being a part of REACH, “There is potential to enact change. We have some new projects in the works like redoing the puppet show we have done for years to try and make it fresh and reaching out to the Junior High later this year.”


LET’S GET TOGETHER: The room is quickly filling up as the Homecoming Committee of REACH gathers for a meeting to discuss the final plans for the Homecoming Parade. Ana Sa Baretto enters the room knowing she is here for a purpose. When talking about REACH, Ana said, “I have seen the negative effects that drugs can have on others, and I want to make sure that children understand how serious drugs are. I want to eliminate the temptations of drugs before they ever even encounter them. “


THE RESULTS: As the rain comes down, REACH members march with the Sunshine Squad through University Farms during the Homecoming Parade. The Squad and club members cheered loudly even though the weather was so dreary. After the parade was done, Miranda said “It was really nice to work with the kids. So much of our work is geared towards the kids, but often times we do not get to see the results of our hard work. I was a nice reminder of why we do what we do.”

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