Red Devil Cheerleaders bring Pep

As students settled down in the stands, the West Lafayette cheerleaders smiled on the side of the basketball court. On Friday October 6, the Red Devil cheerleaders brought pep to the students and faculty of West Side in the Berberian Gym during the homecoming pep rally. Back and stronger than ever, the squad has six new members with two returning members. The new team’s hard work and practice was evident during their performance. 

STUNTING: Mary Randall (11), is held up by three members of the cheerleading squad during the pep session Friday. Mary returned to the cheer squad after being on it last year.

“It was really nerve-wracking, I feel like we did a good job though, and I think that the dancers also did a really job,” Lilly Kolbe (11), said when asked about her thoughts on performing Friday.

The eight members performed to music a routine that included stunts and other moves, making the whole gym pumped up. “I absolutely loved the pep rally, with this being my first year it was so much fun seeing the entire crowd get hyped about the game and about our stunts and RDP with poms. It was fun to see people’s reaction when Liz did her cradle toe touch at the beginning, and our splits and full down towards the end. People enjoyed our ‘roast’ cheer and we had fun messing around with it. The energy was amazing and it was so much fun to be a part of!”, said Aubrianna Kruger (11).

FULL OF CHEER: Aubrianna Kruger (11) and Lilly Kolbe (11) smile as students arrive in the gym. The juniors had warmed up and practiced their routine beforehand.

The junior is one of the new members of the team this year, which includes only one senior, three juniors, and four freshmen. With only one senior, the leadership of the team has a new role. “To be the only senior on the team is very stressful but also special. I believe it’s a lot to handle, but putting time and effort makes the time with the others special. I love spending time with my girls and helping to teach them more,” said Senior Fiona Beaver. 

The cheerleading team will continue to cheer at football and basketball games during the year, bringing excitement to students and fans.

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