Reveillon raises spirits

Photo By Sophia Bergmann
Busy in the kitchen: Chris Zhang ’14 and Alexa Wisma ’14 prepare for the annual Reveillon dinner.

“It’s a good way for French students to see what the French do around Christmas and New Year’s,” said Lizzie Timberlake, ’13, “It’s the big event of the year for French club.”

After school on the day of the event, people started to work to make the evening as smooth as possible.

“At 3:30 the decorations committee starts to set up, and the food committees start making food in the FACS kitchen,” said Monsieur Stephen Ohlhaut.

This work continued until 7:00, when the guests arrived.

Before this year’s event, Ohlhaut said, “Anybody involved can invite three guests. There are about one hundred people coming this year.”

Once all the guests arrived, the lights were dimmed and the meal was served. The meal consisted of several courses; an appetizer, salad, soup, cheese and bread, and then dessert.

“We’re skipping the main course because it is too hard to make,” said Robin Zhang ’14. But she added that that is the only difference in this year’s Reveillon. “What we do every year is successful and people like it.”



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