Review of Shalane Flanagan’s “Run Fast, Eat Slow”

For many healthy eaters across the US, Shalane Flanagan’s, Run Fast, Eat Slow recipe book has been the rave of the runner community. Flanagan is a four time Olympian, including a silver medal in the 10,000m run. She currently runs for the Nike Bowerman Project, and won the New York City Marathon in 2017. She has always been known throughout the running world for her green eating. Many people found her lifestyle inspiring, so Flanagan decided to co-author the recipe book with former teammate and chef, Elyse Kopecky.

Her book features many recipes ranging from race day oatmeal, recovery snacks and smoothies, and healthy dinners. The recipes are easy to read and prepare, and all the ingredients can be found at local grocery stores. Each recipe includes only wholesome, natural ingredients, which adds the richness in the food’s flavor. Another benefit of using these ingredients is many professional runners agree that fueling the body with raw, relatively unprocessed foods is the best way to refuel their muscles.

Each page is neatly formatted, and has at least one different recipe. Only about two-thirds of the recipes have accompanying pictures, which makes it slightly more difficult to make, because there is not a reference to what the food should look like. However the pictures the book does have are very helpful and make the dishes look very appetizing.

A sequel to her first book recently came out, and it is called, Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow.  It is very similar to her first book, but features new, fresh recipes. I am very excited to try it out and see if it is even better than the first version.

Olympic medalist, Shalane Flanagan writes a natural food recipe book to promote a healthy lifestyle. This book is an inspiration to many young runners in how to properly fuel themselves.


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