Mr. Wood Follows in his Father’s Footsteps in Teaching and Coaching

A HELPING HAND: Mr. Wood assists a student during the “Zero Hour” gym class before school. The new teacher has started teaching PE and health, and is returning to coaching football. “I enjoy staying active and encouraging students to live a healthy lifestyle,” Mr. Wood said.

Students have been met with the friendly smile and conversation from Coach Wood for many years. Things are about to change.

This year, West Side students will be met not only with the smiles and conversation of one Mr. Wood, but two. One of the new faculty members this year is Coach Wood’s son, Mr. Wood. The new teacher and returning football coach is following in his father’s footsteps by teaching health and PE this year.

“My mother and my father are both teachers. I didn’t know at first if this was a route I wanted to take, but as life happened it turned into an interest of mine. I’m married to a teacher, so it’s always been in my blood and my lifestyle,” Mr Wood said.

Mr. Wood not only loves teaching health and PE, but enjoys getting to spend time with his dad at work.

“It’s fun getting to spend time with him professionally and build a working relationship with him. He’s been extremely helpful and somebody I can bounce ideas off of,” he said.

Mr. Wood, like his father, is a coach and admires the legacy his dad has built and hopes he can carry on some of his traditions inside and out of the classroom.

“I’d love to be the person who is in the hallways and gets to know all the students. I enjoy basketball and watching West Lafayette play basketball but I don’t foresee myself coaching; I’ll stick with football,” Mr. Wood said.

Many former students and athletes of Coach Wood recall his quotes of the day; a tradition he’s had in place for many years.  These quotes have been an important part in student’s lives and in his son’s life as well.

“The quote I try to put in place in my life is ‘don’t give up what you want most for what you want now’. He was always asking me if there is an end goal, what are you willing to give up to get there?” Mr. Wood said.

When passing from class to class, a friendly smile and hello from Coach Wood is always a positive addition to one’s day. With an equally friendly son and excellent teacher and coach, students will be seeing double this year.























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