Safety is Key

Officer Miller monitors the front office entrance

Officer Miller keeps our school safe


Monitoring the entrances, roaming the halls, and checking the security cameras are a few of the responsibilities school safety officer Adam Miller has to do to keep the  school a safe place. When he’s not patrolling the school, he is a city of West Lafayette police officer. Working in the field and working at the school are two very different jobs. He said, “The biggest variance is on the street I’m more patrolling and I have a bigger area to cover and then you come to the school, you’re not in full uniform, you’re more laid back, and I am basically seen as the police chief of the school.”

Many would probably guess that working at the high school is an easier task, but officer Miller disagreed. “No I think it’s harder and more stressful because everybody in the building is relying on me, where in the field there are parents and responsible adults, where here there are teachers and principals but they’re all still going to look for me when something happens, ” he said.  

With the recent rise of school shootings in the United States, the duty of safety officers around the country has changed. “I don’t think it has really changed anything I’ve done before in the past. I’ve always been safety conscious and understand the building and the school and what I need to do and what’s expected of me if something like that were to ever happen.”

There is a great dispute on whether teachers and school officers should carry a gun with them throughout the day.  “There’s pros and cons to everything, if there are people who are highly trained in the school, than there’s more people to accept that role of stopping a shooter.” The con side is, “the more guns you put in the school which could be a problem of its own, and everyone knows accidents happen no matter how cautious people are.” Police officers are an easier answer to this debate. “Police officers yes 100%, that shouldn’t even be a question.  We train a lot with them to know how to use a gun the correct way.”

The world is always trying to become a better place. , one of the biggest jobs is making schools a safer place where children can come to school to learn and know that they are in a safe environment.

Officer Miller said, “it starts with the community, the kids, and the teachers where people have to [speak up] if they see something suspicious going on. Building wise, some things you can do are keeping the doors locked, using swipe cards to get in and out, asking questions to me and the secretaries up front to make sure people are in the building for the right reasons.”


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  1. anonymous says:

    Very well written article by a great young man. Look forward to reading more articles written by him!

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