Sandra Lee’s Shaky Recipe

A video recreating Sandra Lee’s iconic “Kwanzaa cake.”

DELICIOUS DELICACY: Assorted ingredients are used in this Kwanzaa cake.  Although some people were skeptical of the flavor mixes, others enjoyed the cake. As Benjamin Cabot said, “It was fantastic, I really liked it, but the corn nuts were garbage.”

During winter, many different holidays and traditions are celebrated. One of these is Kwanzaa, and as we were researching Kwanzaa traditions, we found a recipe from Food Network star, Sandra Lee who hosts the show “Semi-Homemade” on the Food Network. Her show aims to benefit chefs that don’t have the time or resources to make recipes from scratch, so she uses pre-made items for her recipes.  One recipe that garnered attention from viewers and the media was her “Kwanzaa Cake.” It includes many interesting ingredients, such as acorns/corn nuts, and unsweetened cocoa powder. In this video, we give a total breakdown of the recipe from construction to consumption, and we show you our experience in this roller-coaster of baking fun. We hope you enjoy this, and maybe try it on your own over the holidays!

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