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“The Fir Solo” is one of Max’s sculptures featured in city hall. It was constructed with wire, gears, and other pieces of scrap metal.

Walk into the West Lafayette City Hall and you’ll see a small collection of welded sculptures. These aren’t made by some hired artist, but by one of West Side’s own seniors, Max Schladetzky. He uses welding and found objects to create his own unique pieces of art.

“They’re very modern and an interesting perspective on meshing man-made materials with nature,” said friend Adam Tarko ‘13.


Max Schladetzky ‘13 started creating sculptures this year. Go to the City Hall to take a look at his creative and modern works of art.

Schladetzky ‘13 was attending a welding class at Ivy Tech University when he decided to try creating sculptures. He has taken many of the art classes offered by the school and still does photography in order to take pictures of his sculptures.

“I pretty much start out by grabbing scrap metal and thinking ‘what could it be’?” said Schladetzky. “I base it [the sculpture] off of what the metal is and what I think it should look like.”

In fact, photography teacher Mrs. Yoder suggested the idea of sculpting to Schladetzy when he told her about his class at Ivy Tech. Later in the year when he found himself with free time in the class he decided to try it and then showed her the results. His sculptures includes metal gear and rivets shaped to look like people or animals.

“He brought a couple to me just to show what he was doing and they were really cool so I suggested that he bring them all in,” said Yoder. “They’re on display right now at City Hall.”


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