School changes over Summer

West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School has been changing rapidly since its construction more than 70 years ago. In the last three years, the Junior High locker bay has been moved, the commons area has been put in, an entire locker bay has been relocated and the cafeteria has been expanded. Through all of these changes, the movement of the high school locker bay is the most recent and the most drastic. Now, where those hundreds of lockers once stood, there are two new world language classrooms while the sophomores and juniors cope with life on the second floor.

“We really needed the additional classrooms and we wanted to expand the cafeteria. We liked the idea of clustering the world language rooms together instead of having them spread out on the first and second floors,” said Principal Shriner.

The hallway outside Madame Burcham’s room is the most popular place during lunch. Kids line the halls to sit by their lockers and work on homework as they eat.

“I’ll never understand why kids eat in a dark and crowded space when they could just eat outside, even if it is 100 degrees,” said Burcham. “But it’s nice to be down here because in case I have any questions, I can just walk across the hall and ask my colleagues.”

The construction, however, seems to affect the student body far more than the teachers and staff.

“I don’t like the changes to the locker bay because it makes everything crowded . The two hallways that we had before didn’t crowd up as much,” said Olivia Kirchner ’15.

West Side students can only expect more changes to the school in the future.

“This building has been remodeled numerous times, and it’s a lot different than it was 70 years ago,” said Shriner. “The idea next summer is that we could put up some artwork for the languages and  have a lot of growth in areas, especially in art.”

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