Second Home for the Fall-West Side Complex

THURSDAY LIGHTS: Thursday nights is when the football team practices later than usual. “Sometimes I don’t like Thursday practices because it gets too late, but the team dinners are nice before,” said senior Jack Flannelly.


WATCH OUT- Ethan Ritchie, 11, is one of the goalies for West Lafayette Boys Soccer Team. He is training to become a better goalie at practice. ” I am trying to become better everyday, and it has pushed me even more with moving up to one of the varsity goalies.”


MINI CAR- The John Deere Gator is like a mini car at the complex. The managers or coaches of the teams get to drive it, and it is mainly used to carry around all the equipment for practices or games. One of the managers for football, senior Katlyn June, said,” without the gator all the freshman would have to carry everything for practices and games. They need to focus on football and not have to worry about the equipment. That is the main reason why the gator is so nice.”


BEHIND THE SCENES- The training room of the complex is always a very busy area right before practices. The managers are getting the waters, the players are getting ice and checked out by the trainer, Mrs. V. This is the place to go for all the equipment and help during a game or practice for a player.


ENDING- Practice for football ends by all the players kneeling next to the coaches to hear what they have to say. The coaches will give a recap of practice and then talk about any other announcements.

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