See You at the Pole Event Brings Students Together

On a cold Wednesday morning, at 7:00 am, a group of students were set to gather at the flagpole neighboring Grant Street, but the threat of rain pushed the group onto the steps. It might be strange to see a group of teens gathered in the dark before school, but they had a purpose. What were they doing?

The event that takes place on the fourth Wednesday of every September, the National Day of Prayer, has brought together some of West Lafayette’s own students. They call it See You at the Pole, and it’s not an amateur event. Both Chris Yu, 12, and Christina Shi, 11, have been participating for the past couple of years. “Christina and I, we’ve had previous friends who led the worship, and so this year we didn’t know who was gonna lead it,” shared Yu. The pair decided to take matters into their own hands. “It was getting to be mid September and we still didn’t know. We went to talk to Rendall and he said he would be okay with sponsoring it and putting it in the announcements.”  

The gathering was complete with songs of worship and a break in the middle for prayer. Sarah Greenwell, 12, was one of the students in attendance. “Some of my friends were coming, and I just really like singing praise and worship music,” said Greenwell, who, although it was her first year in attendance, plans on taking part again. “Definitely if there is [a See You at the Pole event] in college, I will go, like every year.”

About halfway through, Mr. Rendall, the main sponsor of the event, interjected to say the event might carry over into the following months, but only if there is enough interest. Both Chris and Christina are on board. “We hadn’t discussed [a monthly event], but I think it would be a good idea because it’s a nice time for believers to get together and be together. I think it’s a really good start to your day and overall it has a positive impact.”

If “See You at the Pole” sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Mr. Rendall, Chris Yu, or Christina Shi for more details.

On Wednesday, September 26, a group of students sing worship on the steps outside school. The event combined praise and prayer to celebrate the National Day of Prayer, and bring students together. “The songs we picked had to be relatively well known, and we thought the first three songs we’d sing would be more worship oriented, and the other four would be praise oriented,” said Chris Yu, 12, a leader of the event.

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