Seriously Speaking 8/16

What was your first impression of West Side? 


Charles Vaughan, Freshman: “West Side is super organized, teachers are nice, and academics here are great”


Mackenzie Moreno, Senior: “It’s really nice, modern, but a lot tougher.”


Clemens Reisenbichler, Junior: “Completely new, and it seemed nice, the people and students were all very nice and very helpful.”


Audrey Schultz, Sophomore : “Small school, big brains.”


Mr. Joest: “Students here overall are driven to succeed, not just academically, but extracurricular activities as well, just a fun place to teach





One Response to “Seriously Speaking 8/16”
  1. Rosalie Rodriguez says:

    It was big, everytime I decided to take a different way to class I would get lost.

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