Study Halls should be lenient

Quiet Please: Students in Mr. Boyle's eighth hour study hall work diligently and quietly throughout the hour

Quiet Please: Students in Mr. Boyle’s eighth hour study hall work diligently and quietly throughout the hour.

We all know that our school is a great school. It’s a great school because most of us have the mindset to succeed no matter what. We got this mindset by doing all of our homework, studying for all of our tests and still finding time for a social life. How, you might ask? We have study halls.  I personally believe that study halls should be used to do whatever the student needs most at the time.

Study halls are meant to be a time dedicated to easing the load of all the schoolwork but what if we don’t have anything to do?    One might think sleeping, or playing on your mobile device or taking a relaxing nap is the answer, but what if your teacher doesn’t let you?  

 The study halls need to be more lenient. Say a student is too tired to concentrate on lectures at school because he was studying for hours the night before.  Would you rather have that student staring at a wall than sleep?  Furthermore, a lot of students prefer to listen to music as they do their homework.  If the student uses headphones, doesn’t sing along, and keeps the volume at a reasonable level, who is he distracting from getting their work done?

“In study hall, I usually get work done regardless what is going on in the classroom.  People sleeping or listening to music does not affect me or my productivity.  So I don’t really see why this is not allowed,”  Fabio Garofalo ’15 said.

Many students agree with Garofalo’s opinion.

“People conversing vociferously among their peers during study hall is the only thing that distracts me.  Just like most people I can remain focused whether someone is slumbering peacefully in the room or not,” Nai Carlisle ’16 said.

Mrs. Helton proctors a fifth hour study hall in the lecture hall consisting of 64 students.  She also thinks that sleeping can be beneficial to a student’s learning experience.

“Because so many of our students dedicate their time in their studies, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs, I think that a 45 minute nap can help a student focus throughout the day.

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