Small but Mighty: Student Section gets Hype for Fall Sports

With a smaller school comes a smaller student section, but what our student section lacks in number is made up in spirit. Students look forward to Friday night lights and getting the perfect outfit to fit the theme. Fall is a busy season with football games on Friday nights and soccer and volleyball games during the weekdays. Themes this year have included vsco girls, beach club, ski trip, white and blackout, USA and neon night. Having a student section adds to the atmosphere and helps the athletes get pumped before and during a game. 

Volleyball in particular has seen an increase in student section numbers and students have been bringing a whole new energy to Berberian Gym at volleyball games. The dedication shown by the student section, who on several occasions traveled to away games did not go unnoticed. Senior Alaina Omonode said “the energy that the student section brought this year was amazing and really helped hype us up not only during home games but away games too.” The student section helped the devils win some important games, including a sectional championship win over Benton Central away at Frankfort.

Some of the most dedicated fans are seniors Jackson and Tucker Bogue , who have attended numerous football, volleyball, and soccer games, including away games. “I just really like being there and watching my friends win games. I’m just trying to give them the support they deserve, no matter where the game is,” said Tucker Bogue about their commitment to games this year.

The commitment to the sports thus far had been unrivaled compared to years past. As fall sports wrap up, students look forward to weekend basketball games, swim meets and wrestling matches. The student section is just getting started and looks promising for upcoming sports.

The stands were full the night of the Rensselaer football game as the student section dressed in USA apparel. The student section helps get the players excited and adds energy. “Even though the freshmen have to sit in the very back, the games are still really fun and I can’t wait till I’m a senior and get to be at the very front,” said Jake Bousman (9).

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