Special Cases

Swanson’s view on special education teaching experience

“Relationships is what I’ve found is a big part of special education. It’s getting to know the kids and knowing their strengths and weaknesses and how to make those work,” said Mrs. Becky Swanson, the new Basic Skills Development (BSD) teacher.

Swanson earned a degree in elementary education, teaching 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Spanish right out of college. She then moved to Indiana to be closer to her boyfriend (now husband) and started working in special education. When asked if she’d wanted to teach as a child, she said, “It was really the only thing I ever considered.” 

Swanson explained how she spent a lot of time in her aunt’s classroom helping her, grew up babysitting children, and has a family member with special needs.

“I have a cousin who has spina bifida and he has seizures, so I was around it growing up as well. I think just being comfortable with it and with what you see and knowing that it’s just part of who they are.”

Mrs. Swanson feels that she has a close relationship with her students, and works to attend sports events and concerts to support her students. 

“I want to help my students succeed and to see them go on and achieve the dreams that they want to achieve. If I can help my students get there, that’s what I’m looking for.”

Outside of the class material, Swanson hopes that she can teach her students that they can do what they set their mind to even when times are hard. 

“You never stop learning. Life is going to teach you things every day, and some days are going to be really hard and some days are going to be really awesome. I think perseverance and the ability to work through is what I would what my  students to get from me outside of the material.”

It’s a Process: Mrs. Becky Swanson helps a student understand their assignment. Swanson worked with two students during first period to help them work through the material in a low-stress environment.  “I think any teacher goes through times when they’re like “Why am I doing this? Am I doing the right thing?” I think most of us realize that we are.”

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