Staff discusses goals and rights

The Scarlette strives to gain respect and create conversation.

The New York Times is regarded worldwide as an accurate and informative source for any news. Both their content and readership are broad and diverse, reflecting the fact that they offer fair and unbiased coverage of any issue. The Scarlette strives to serve this same purpose at the high school level.

Our main goal this year is to become the primary go-to source for any news or information regarding West Lafayette High School. We have a staff of 18 incredible journalists, enabling us to cover all aspects of the school and relevant local and world affairs. Our one-year-old website will contain all of our print-content plus regularly updated online exclusives on timely matters.

Our Facebook page (The Scarlette) and Twitter account (@ScarletteOnline) will be utilized along with our website to ensure that we stay up-to-date and relevant. Both are buzzing with activity and are increasingly gaining followers. Those apart of our social media communities will be the first to receive updates on breaking stories, online exclusives, polls and giveaways. We will be live-tweeting updates during select varsity games and other events. Our new “scoreboard” feature on the website will be updated with results after every high school sporting event.

In addition to covering all relevant events, we will offer an in-depth look at every issue of importance. We plan to exercise our First Amendment rights, bringing to the forefront the things that students care about, controversial and not. The Scarlette aims to serve as a forum for thought and expression not just for the staff, but for the student body as a whole. We want to engage our readers and give them a voice. Our Facebook and Twitter are easy-to-access and create a comfortable, casual atmosphere for conversation.

We welcome any and all feedback regarding our paper. Tips, story ideas, and letters to the editor can be sent to


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