Staff Editorial

We are really excited about this year for several reasons.  As you’ve noticed, the newspaper has taken on a dramatically different look.  We would like to thank The Journal and Courier for allowing us to print The Scarlette on their printing press.  This has allowed us to completely transform the format of the paper – as you can see from the color we’ve added on the front and back pages.  The size is also more compact and professional-looking.  We hope you like the new and improved Scarlette as much as we do.

If you haven’t heard, The Scarlette has become a class at West Side.  This class time has allowed us to really develop and redesign the newspaper.  Our intention is to make it appear and read like a good-quality, interesting publication that is specifically designed for the WLHS community.

A brand new facet of our publication is its technological advancement.  The Scarlette is now on Facebook and Twitter (like/follow us!) and we’ve created a new website (look us up at  The website will feature interactive publications such as polls and an online version of the newspaper.  We’ll also have exclusive online articles and extra photo coverage of events, so make sure to check it out regularly.  We hope to start creating some video content to add to the website as well.

This first issue of the 2011-2012 school year is dramatically different than what we’ve printed in the past.  We want your input on our new look and content.  What do you want to see in future issues of The Scarlette?  Let us know through our Facebook page, Twitter feed, website, or staff emails.

~ The Staff of The Scarlette



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