Stay in shape this winter


A Zumba instructor leads a class in the dance workout.

We all agree that getting to the gym takes motivation.  While the importance of staying in shape has been stressed all of our lives, it is still hard to find the motivation to go from sitting on our couch to running on a treadmill.  When winter rolls around, that little motivation we used to have, seems to dwindle to almost nothing. The reason?  Working out honestly can be pretty boring.  The solution?  Mix it up a bit!  International Sports Club is a great place to start.  They offer a wide range of calorie-burning classes that help to add a variety to your typically mundane workouts.

A good class to start with is Yoga.  The yoga classes at International are straight forward and easy to learn for beginners, and the benefits of yoga are almost endless.  It improves posture and balance, and allows you to de-stress.  Angely Philip ’13 regularly attends Yoga classes at International, and enjoys its benefits.  “It’s a class that’s relaxing and yet keeps your muscles engaged,” says Philip.  “I always leave yoga with a clear mind and greater flexibility.”

Next on the list is Body Pump.   Body Pump is a weight-based cardio class which targets a wide audience.  You will find a variety of ages at a typical class.  After a warmup, your instructor will lead you through different weight exercises that target different areas of the body, all in beat to catchy and energetic music.  Whether it is abs, legs, arms or back, you can always count on a good workout from Body Pump.

One of the harder classes at International offers is Cycle (or Spin).  Cycle is an indoor group cycling class, which is led by an instructor to upbeat music.  The instructor lets you know when you are about to start different phases of the workout.  This is a vigorous class which results in lots of sweat, as well as lots of calories burned.

Last, and most popular, is Zumba.  In recent years, this Latin-inspired workout class has made its climb up the popularity scale.  “Its a fun way to stay in shape between sports,” said Grace Malone ’14.  The dance-based workouts are fun and adrenaline inducing, and you can always count on a different workout every time you go.  The moves are easy to learn for beginners, and still exciting for the regulars.  Unlike most classes, Zumba actually leaves you more energized after the workout.  Most often the Zumba instructors are high energy and upbeat, and encourage the participants to give it their all during the class.

Once you have the knowledge of what amazing classes International has to offer, there will no longer be room for excuses.  These fun workouts will help encourage you to get up off of the couch and get into the best shape of your life.  Who knew being fit in the winter could be so fun and easy?



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