What is the typical West Sider?

School spirit: West Side students show their support at the girls’ socccer state finals.
School spirit: West Side students show their support at the girls’ soccer state finals.

Late November is the beginning of every basketball season, and that brings the area schools together in one gym for the boys and girls J & C Hoops Classic. This unifying event shows the true colors of how every school feels about each others’ students, which usually includes a lot of stereotyping of the West Lafayette student body. Whenever West Lafayette plays another school, the opposing team’s student section dresses up as nerds. Students from schools all around the area have their own stereotypes of West Side students.

Most everyone sees West Side kids as super smart geniuses whose parents are all professors. They see them as stuck up and preppy with the belief that they are better than everyone else. West Side’s own students also stereotype themselves on occasion.

“I expect to see most of the kids conversing about homework, or tests. My stereotypical idea of a West Sider is a kid wearing boat shoes, khakis, a sweater vest, and a comb over. The average West Sider is very intelligent, but sometimes makes the assumption that they are a lot smarter than kids at other schools,” said Fabio Garofalo ‘15 of West Side.

These stereotypes can have more of a negative connotation in some cases. Some schools view West Side as a snobby school for rich kids who only have respect for students at their same school.

“[West Siders are] smart but arrogant kids who dress nice and think highly of themselves and their school,” said Michael Vukas ‘15 of Central Catholic.

According to Sydney Gray ’14 of Harrison, West Side students only have West Side friends, only go to West Side events, and are unaware of news from other schools.

“In my mind, a stereotypical West Sider is someone who is really smart, in love with West Side, specifically west athletics, and usually sticks to West Side community,” said Gray.

If students from other schools walk through the hallways of West Side, they expect to see the stereotypes that have gotten in their heads over the years from their friends and the community as a whole.

“I think I would see everyone talking to each other, but still some cliques,” said McCardle.

“[I would see] a bunch of kids dressed nicely holding books, and a bunch of kids from different countries,” said Adam Grider ‘15 of Jefferson.

To most, West Side has both good and bad qualities just like any other school.

“[West Siders are] a little preppy, nice and welcoming though. Some are stuck up,” said Megan McCardle ‘15 of McCutcheon.


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