Student Lunch

Picture 1: Scarlett Halvorson eats her grapes at lunch while talking to her friends. According to Scarlett the grapes each day are different in texture wise. “These grapes are better than the ones I had yesterday”

Picture 2: Scarlett Halvorson and Olivia Mills struggle to get chairs for their lunch table daily so they go grab some from the other tables. Each day it is a war to get enough chairs for their whole table. “We just wanted to sit down and eat but instead have to go looking for enough chairs.”

Picture 3: Scarlett Halvorson and Olivia Mills finally get to sit down to a relaxing lunch. You can see in the background of the picture the chairs that they had taken from the table behind them. “The food here is really good for school food.”

Picture 4: Ahmed Khaan, Eloise Aubeneau, and Kayla Lee sit together at lunch while discussing what they have done in their days so far. They all were very happy to be able to finally get a break from school. “Lunch is like a nap, its a short break from the stressful parts in our days.”

Picture 5: Kayla Lee studies for her chemistry test at lunch. This is helpful that she had extra time to study for her test. “Chemistry takes many hours of studying, so I use whatever time I can to prepare for tests.”

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