Student Parking Madness

This photo was taken at 7:20 AM, showing how quickly spots fill up in the morning. There is pretty much already one row of cars.

Many seniors this year have one more struggle and annoyance that they have to deal with besides college applications and homework… and that is parking. The student lot lost a lot of the spots they had, basically causing seniors to hope they get a spot if they aren’t there early enough. As a result, many have to park elsewhere. A lot of other seniors feel the same way, however, many are also anticipating the final results of the construction, here is what some of them thought.

First, Olivia Pedley says, “The whole parking situation is really annoying. If I for sure want a spot, I have to be at school by 7:40.  Same with lunch, if you’re not back at school by like 1:15 there’s a high chance you have to park on Meridian.” Many seniors have to get to school earlier than they normally would have to, and as a result just sit in their cars once they get there. It was a big adjustment, especially at the beginning of the year, and it also holds a lot of seniors back from spending a lot of time at their respective lunch outings.

Next was Alex Dexter. When interviewed, she said, “It’s very annoying. Last year I was excited to be a senior because I was going to be able to park in the lot. Now, since I have classes at the GLCA (Greater Lafayette Career Academy), I never can get a spot when I come back. It is just very frustrating.” The parking situation gives many that leave school during the day a disadvantage.

The final person, with many of the same opinions as the others, was Emma Kosnik. “At the beginning of the year, we paid for parking permits. I feel that the school should have given out as many as they had, rather than giving more than what they could offer. As a result, I have to show up really early to school so that I can get one.”


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