Students Cheer on Devils for Victory

Student Section Motivates Football Team in Win Against Central Catholic

RED DEVIL PRIDE: Maddie MacDonald ,11, shows her excitement during the West Side versus Central Catholic Football game. The junior stood in the stands cheering on the team for the whole duration of the game last Friday night at Central Catholic. “Being in the student section during football games is so much fun, everyone is so hyped up and full of energy to cheer on our devils!”, she said.


WARMING UP: AJ Falk, 12, throws a football to a fellow student during a tailgate put on by the student section before the game. After the tailgate, the students swarmed the stands to watch the game at Central Catholic. “It was amazing to be around all of my friends, actually they are more like family, and the amount of positivity and good times in the air is something I’ll remember for awhile,”  AJ said.


Students of West Lafayette throw baby powder into the air as the Devils kick off. Superfan captains planned this event in order to get excitement from the crowd during the Friday night game at CC. “Being a captain has been one of the highest points of my high school career and breaking the streak and beating CC especially during my year as a captain was amazing, I think the baby powder is probably one of the best ways to get people hype that I’ve seen and it’s awesome that we got to do it during blackout,” Jake Millsaps ,12, said.


Students line up in the stands to watch as the exciting football game begins. The weather was beautiful and the sunset revealed a gorgeous pink sky for a great night. “I love, when at West Side games, the student section is always the best and most fun part. Everyone loves to come together and cheer for our team. I think out of all schools, our school is the best because we really show our love for the team and we always have fun doing it whether we are winning or not. On Friday night we came together as one and I think that our positive presence helped the team out a lot because we were very energetic whenever we scored which kept the team standing strong,” Maddie White, 10, said.


Owen Walbaum, 11, gets ready to head to the student section before the game on Friday, September 29. The junior had attended the tailgate prior to the game where he relaxed with friends and enjoyed food and music. ” The tailgate and student section was the best it’s been all year. Hopefully it’s like that for the rest of the year so we can see some more wins,” Owen said.

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