Students Face Parking Shortage

EARLY BIRDS: Students have been arriving at school earlier than last year in hopes to claim a good spot. Those who arrived earlier sometimes return from lunch to find they no longer have a spot. “It’s really annoying when people move their cars at lunch because they’re just taking up spots for seniors and other people who have passes and parked there earlier that morning,” said Timmy Dong,12.

You may have heard the frustration regarding our parking lot throughout the halls these past few weeks, whether it’s not getting a preferred spot or any spot at all.   One of the highlights of junior and senior year is parking privileges, something very few juniors, and even some seniors won’t get to experience.

On the first day of school, many seniors were met with a not-so-happy surprise: the parking lot had shrunk. This caused students to arrive at school unnecessarily early just to obtain a spot in the lot. “It’s honestly a real pain because if you want to get a good spot or even any spot for that matter, you have to get to school early which means waking up early and no one likes that,” said Timmy Dong,12. But the scramble for spots began even before school did.

Three days before school began, at around 8 am, the office was filled with students hoping to claim a pass before they ran out. “I was actually really surprised that so many people came that early, I thought I got there early but there was already a line,” says Kloe Timmons,12.   

Once the school year began, parking lot troubles became a common topic of conversation, even from those who do have a parking pass. “The worst is when teachers park in student spots even when there are open spots for staff and when people move their car into the lot at lunch when they don’t have a pass,” says Cami Hainje, 12.

For juniors, the issues were a bit larger. Unless a junior is a tuition student, they are not eligible for a parking pass. Since they cannot park in the lot, most resort to parking on the hill in the neighborhood behind the school. Junior Shai Szulkowski says, “My commute from the hill I have to park on every day is my least favorite thing ever.”

As the year goes on and students settle in some more, it seems that the parking spot war is cooling down.  Kloe Timmons adds,”I’m glad that it isn’t as bad as it was at the beginning of the year now that people have stopped coming so early for spots.” 

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