Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and store shelves are being filled with chocolates, flowers, and other “lovey-dovey” items, but to some the holiday can be intimidating and upsetting. If you are a person who doesn’t have a partner this holiday, or prefer to spend the day by themselves, I’ve put together a few ways to survive the holiday.

Staying productive by occupying yourself with other activities is the best way to distract yourself from the holiday. Focusing on making the holiday enjoyable to others, you can have a sense of fulfillment by making others happy and can make the day generally better. If you don’t have someone special to spend the holiday with, spend it with your friends or family, all the people who enjoy you and your presence. Lastly, having confidence and being happy with yourself helps with building self-love, and in-turn making the holiday not so bad.

Therefore, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a lonely holiday if you just focus on making yourself and others happy.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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