Students Swarm Language Breakfast


DELICIOUS: Students rush toward the French table to get delicious baguettes and Nutella during the World Language Club Breakfast on Sept. 28. Kirsten Trinh, 11, passes through the line picking up a delicious croissant, “I honestly only show up because it’s extra credit and I get free food”.


ALL TOGETHER: Many of the world language teachers show up to have a niche chat and eat some great food! Everyone comes together to enjoy a great breakfast “The language clubs don’t really do much together so this is one event in which we get together and have a great time,” says Spanish teacher SeƱora Espinoza.


YUMM NUTELLA: The 3 Nutellla jars on the French table sure when out fast. Itoro Udo-Imeh, 12, came in for a quick bite by the end of the breakfast “I was excited for the breakfast but I didn’t want to wake up so early”.


ALL TOGETHER: Students of different grades and ages sit down to enjoy breakfast and talk to friends. Katy Auberry, 10, “My friends told me there would be free food, so here I am!”.


ONLY SMILES: Smiling Mary Randall, 11, talks to her friends while she drinks the French clubs delicious hot chocolate. “I love to come to these events because it gives me a reason to converse with other language club members”.


HAVING FUN: Even though the breakfast is early before school students hungrily show up. Harry Shook, 11, sits with Jason Haehl, 12. “I am so hungry! I’m so glad this was going all I ate today was a banana” says Shook.

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