Top 5 movies to see this year

5. Disney makes a refreshing change to its usual animated movies in “Frozen.” It is a story of a queen pushed out of her kingdom by people who fear her power over ice and snow, but after she leaves, her kingdom is thrust into eternal winter. The queen’s younger sister must travel up a mountain […]

In-class movies educate

When a teacher pulls out the SmartBoard remote and queues up the projector, a wide variety of responses can be seen from the students. Some students pump their fists into the air and yell “YES!”, while others groan and roll their eyes, and still others pull on their hoodies and prepare for a 50 minute […]

Best of Prom 2013

Readers sent in suggestions to help the staff of  The Scarlette create: Best Dressed (girls) Ellen Drummond ’14 Lauren Godshall ’13 Maha Ali ’14 Kelsey Smith ’14 Amy Stull ’13   Dapperest Men Ryan Schmierer ’13 Jesse Sasser ’15 Justyn Roland ’13 Chris Park ’13 Woojin Choe ’14   Boldest Dresses (in a really, really good […]

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