Ceramics Throws the Clay

Itamar Raizman was born to paint

Itamar Raizman’14 has been passionate about art since he was young. “He was  born holding a brush,” said friend Caesar Ndelcu’14. “I just really like to paint and draw things.  I don’t know why but it’s fun,” Raizman said. According to friend Edgar Llamas’14, art runs in Raizman’s family.  “His whole family paints.  He paints, […]

Featured Artist: Sunland Gong

It isn’t often that someone discovers a new talent all at once. Sunland Gong ’13 discovered his knack for oil painting when he decided to take an art class on a whim. “I took an oil painting class this year since I wanted to try something new because I wanted to take a break from […]

Students contribute art

Each year the community hosts what is called Youth Art Month, a month dedicated to young artists and their work. There are several events, including an art show, student artwork being put up in the Statehouse, and an Art Auction to fund a charitable event. “It runs through most of March,” said Mrs. Kincaid, who […]

Schladetzky wired on art

Walk into the West Lafayette City Hall and you’ll see a small collection of welded sculptures. These aren’t made by some hired artist, but by one of West Side’s own seniors, Max Schladetzky. He uses welding and found objects to create his own unique pieces of art. “They’re very modern and an interesting perspective on […]

Featured Artist: Phoebe Moh

 Phoebe Moh ’14 has a creative mind. For Phoebe Moh ’14, inspiration and creativity in art come naturally. Her influences from animation, such as Pokémon and Disney, are reflected in her sketches. “It’s mostly cartoony art, it’s the style that I like to draw in and its easier to draw in, also it’s just really […]

Art History takes Chicago

Sitting in a classroom learning about world-famous art pieces can be fun, but seeing them in person is ideal. “I think it’s important that the students see real artwork; the pictures in the book don’t do the pieces justice.” said art teacher Mrs. Yoder.  That’s why Yoder’s third and fourth hour Art History AP classes […]

Art thinks outside the classroom

Classes such as Mrs. Gulen’s Drawing II don’t spend their time working in a classroom. Instead, the students can be seen in the cafeteria and in the small room next to the cafeteria lunch line. A total of seven students occupy the room, with three more spilling out in the cafeteria itself. [gpslideshow]

grace lim is the epitome of an artist

A lot of people are talented when it comes to art.  Some are just born with it.  One glance at Grace Lim ‘12 and her homemade bottle cap earrings reveal that she is an artsy person. “When I was really little I would just draw with crayons all over my apartment.  That probably wasn’t a […]

Art For A Cause is a success

On Saturday April 14th, a small crowd gathered in the junior high gym for the Student Humanitarian Organization’s fourth annual “Art for a Cause” event. All money raised by the silent art auction goes to an or ganization called “Seeds of Hope,”which is based in Indianapolis and distributes funds to aid schools and children in […]

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