William Mbongo soars

In sports there are some athletes that soar above the rest, and one such athlete is William Mbongo’14. He always liked running and physical activity in general, which is why he started sports. He stumbled upon basketball and never looked back. “I started playing basketball in 7th grade on the B team and worked my […]

IHSAA refereeing is too easy

Being a high school sports referee is a serious job.  Referees have to be unbiased and make tough decisions on calls that could have crowds booing them for the duration of the event.  If this is the case, why does it seem that referees get more calls wrong than right?  I’ve witnessed bad refereeing at […]

Shot clocks are needed

High school sports serve not only as a social gathering for students or a showcase of students’ talents but also as a source of excitement for anyone watching.  Although high school basketball is entertaining to begin with, implementing a shot clock can elevate it’s entertainment value.  Spectators of sports love watching late-game comebacks or final […]

Who am I???: David “Coach” Wood

I was born on in Indianapolis, IN I went to  Pike High School The most interesting place I have been to Australia I have 2 kids and 2 stepkids I like to watch old movies and old TV shows I have worked for 20 years in this building I went to  the University of Indianapolis […]

March Madness lives up to its name

When the seasons change from winter to spring, college basketball fans everywhere think of a couple of things more than anything else. One thing  is the fact that the season is almost over which means their favorite seniors  will be graduating and some exceptional stars will leave to be drafted into the NBA.  But most […]

More than just a game: Hoops 4 Hope

  It was started in 2008 when West Lafayette’ Math teacher Karri Newgent’s daughter Caroline was in the hospital after she was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her ex-husband taught at Harrison so the two schools put their fundraising efforts together in order to raise money for Caroline.  While in the hospital, she received pictures of students […]

Brock: the man who Makes it happen

Every high school needs an athletic director (AD) to schedule games and bring officials to specific events, but not many people know the process that an AD goes through to do his job.  West Lafayette High School has Brock Touloukian as its athletic director.  Touloukian can be spotted at away games supervising and making sure […]

Lorelei Turner’15 bounces back

Lorelei  Turner’15 is dedicated to her sport and fought through injuries in order to keep playing.  Turner is a starting player on the basketball team.  Her sports career was temporarily slowed down by a torn ACL her freshman year, but that didn’t stop her from coming right back to the game. “I love the game, I […]

Winter Sports in a Nutshell

  Many West Lafayette Fall sports teams ended their season with a favorable ending.  Girl’s soccer won their first ever class A state championship, boy’s and girl’s cross country finished ninth and fourth respectively at state, and volleyball brought home a sectional title.  As winter sports quickly approaches, the teams participating hope to continue this […]

Caleb Smith: The man behind the chant

  “SMITH! SMITH! SMITH!” This chant echoed through the gym of basketball games last year, but most students who participated in the chant didn’t know why they were chanting, or how the chant started.  The one thing they did know was that when it started, a player came off the bench and went into the game. […]