King’s Proclamation: MJ is GOAT

One of the more recent, and most highly debated topics is Michael Jordan versus Lebron James for basketball’s GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time. However, before we dive into statistics, we have to define what makes a player “great.” Is it his ability to score at ease, the number of championships, or the ability to […]

The Chicago Shopping Guide

The residents of West Lafayette, Indiana are deprived from what many would consider “good shopping stores.” Luckily, we live two hours away from Chicago, one of the best shopping destinations in the country. Shopping in Chicago combines Midwest charm with avant-garde, international selections in the city’s myriad of neighborhood boutiques. Here are a handful of […]

Music Festival Season Near

With its scorching heat and cooling rain, summer is the perfect season to attend music festivals. Both emerging artists along with acclaimed singers will be putting on a show at music festivals  across the nation. If you are ready to have ringing eardrums and a wild time, the following nearby music festivals will curb your […]

Art History takes Chicago

Sitting in a classroom learning about world-famous art pieces can be fun, but seeing them in person is ideal. “I think it’s important that the students see real artwork; the pictures in the book don’t do the pieces justice.” said art teacher Mrs. Yoder.  That’s why Yoder’s third and fourth hour Art History AP classes […]

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