Daniel Rollock Excels

If anyone is having a tough day, a conversation with Daniel Rollock might just clear those rain clouds over their head and provide a little sunshine. He uses his positive energy to benefit others through his busy schedule of multiple activities and projects he does every week. One of the activities he participates in is the […]

New Club Promotes Self Defense

One of the newest clubs to come to West Side, the Martial Arts Club, is slowly finding its home. “I think people should join the martial arts club for self defense.  Martial arts is mainly used for for that.  You never expect something to happen, but if it does this type of training will help […]

What happens in student council?

Yasmeen Hafeez ’14 sits-in and reports on a Student Council meeting. Does anyone who is not apart of our Student Council really know what goes on behind closed doors? (Actually, the doors were open in lecture hall 1135.) Well if you were curious, I have the 411 on their February 13th meeting. The council’s officers started […]

Are fundraisers fun?

Although not one of the bigger schools in the area, West Side is home to a plethora of clubs.  Whether your interests include art, volunteer work, or protecting the environment, there is a club for anyone and everyone at our school. But what goes on behind the scenes for different clubs is something that we […]

Swords Clash

 The sound of clanging metal is heard throughout the room, but this isn’t a movie set–this is West Side’s Fencing Club. The club started in 2003 at Jeff and moved to West Side when the sponsor, Mr. Levy, began teaching here in 2006. It aims to give students the opportunity to learn and compete in […]

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